Managing Workplace Investigations - a guide for employers

With many organisations now keen to encourage a ‘speak up’ culture at work, employers may find they are facing more workplace investigations. Without tight management, investigations can take on a life of their own, creating extensive amounts of work and expense, as well as causing levels of anxiety to rise for those involved.

Our webinar will help you understand how to set up your investigation at the outset to keep it on track. We also discuss how to approach many of the practical issues, including those which can arise in regulated sectors, before finishing by tackling some of the more complex situations we see cross our desk.

Topics covered include:

- identifying whether an investigation is necessary
- pinpointing the issues to be investigated
- appointing an investigator
- gathering evidence (including witness evidence)
- legal privilege; and
- preparing an investigation report

We then consider some of the more complex questions which may arise including:

- managing requests for witness anonymity
- dealing with allegations outside of the workplace
- handling investigations where there is police involvement or criminal proceedings

This on-demand webinar gives general information only and is not intended to be an exhaustive statement of the law. Although we have taken care over the information, you should not rely on it as legal advice. We do not accept any liability to anyone who does rely on its content.

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